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For the third autumn in a row, BVD is gonna fire up a rock history class at TMCC, and this year it's time to get all Fabbed up for The Compleat History of the Beatles. Well, as complete as we can be for 8 ninety minute classes. From rowdy Liverpudlians to minions of the Maharishi to benevolent iconoclasts of rock music, it's a tale filled with great humor, great hair, great songs and great moments. I guarantee it'll be fairly fantastic because, after all, look the stuff we get to work with.  

It'll be in a class with theater-style seats, so pretty comfy, and we'll use not just songs but videos from you tube to bring back the crazed magic that was central to the 60's experience. the cost is $49, classes are wednesdays from 7-830 and there will be 8 of them, beginning on september 14. 

if you want to sign up: google "washoe community ed,"  then, "the first post should be 'workforce development and community education." click on that.  THEN you will see Register Now.  Click on that.  then go to Creative.......and Music is a sub category in Creative.  click on Music.  THEN you'll see the Compleat History of the Beatles class, and you're in....."   

the class structure is completely chronological, as follows.......#1--1963.  #2--1964.  #3--1965.  and so forth.  this is the class that will remind you that we all live in a yellow submarine......."

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