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Ok, friends, big changes are coming to The Fine 89 and it's time to make the announcement. 

After being on the air for 27 months, we have decided to sell our license to broadcast at 89.1 fm.  Another non-commercial broadcaster has purchased that license, and the switch will take place sometime in late February. 

We appreciate all your support and listening during these 27 months.  But the truth is simply that we see the new realities of 21st century broadcasting, and these realities give us a chance to put together what we see as a very attractive win-win scenario.  

Because before, if we sold to another broadcaster, that would be it for us. Gone. Bye-bye. The buyers would take over the signal, put on their programming, and that would be that. No more Fine 89 and its gloriously eclectic mixed musical bag. 

But now, in 2017, we can sell our license to broadcast ON AIR, and yet, we can still continue to do our thing ONLINE. Pretty neat. And an exciting new option that simply wasn't available 20 years ago.

We hope you, too, will think it's kinda cool. Honestly, the sale of the KJIV license will allow Open Sky Radio to get a much-needed financial break, at a time when, honestly, we could use one (confession--we're not the best for getting on the air and asking for money, and grants aren't as easy to get as they used to be).  

In the process of getting much healthier on the books, we can still bring you our unique programming. After deliberating, we decided to go for it. We're ready to give this new direction a shot. 

The new broadcast reality--online can be a very viable alternative. In fact, it's an alternative that has some advantages over Airwaves. The quality of the signal is often superior, no doubt about it. The availability of the online signal is real good at this time, and that's only gonna get better. And the ability of gizmos and headphones and ear buds and bluetooth speakers and all this cool techno JIVE to deliver our programming to you--that, too, is good right now. It's easy. And this is also very likely to get better and easier. And while it may not be FREE, per se, it's still very reasonable. We're hoping this won't be a deal breaker for you, our dedicated listeners. 

We'll be talking about all this more in the very near future. We plan to have advice, tips, and suggestions on The Fine 89 web site as to equipment, costs, strategies, etc., that will enable you to hear and enjoy our stuff. That will come, and come soon. 

But for now, we just need to let you know that changes are indeed on the way. And yes, we do know that many of you will be disappointed as we disappear from the Air. We understand. We hope we don't lose you as listeners, and we will do whatever we can to make this technological transition as easy as possible. 

Thanks for reading, for listening, and for understanding.  We will get a Questions and Comments section up on our website soon.  We suspect there may be some of both.  We have every intention of flying higher and harder into the Schizoclectic Skies as we take this next step, and we invite you to join us for a most rewarding and entertaining ride!   

Hear us in your mailbox, too!