KJIV 89.1 fm

Why KJIV 89.1 fm, "The Fine 89?"

There hasn't been a radio station, a community-based hub, on the dial - or in the stream - in Northern Nevada whose primary goal is to feature our premier arts and cultural programs and presentations. Now KJIV, "The Fine 89" is on the scene to do just that.

Who are we?

We are the Reno-Tahoe regions' new full-power, noncommercial radio station. We air locally originated and curated free-range music that you won't hear anywhere else around here. Add to that news/public affairs content, live feeds from concerts, festivals and cultural events, both regionally and from around the world. What you get is "The Fine 89."

How are we helping?

We are building an international internet audience, filling a musical artistic void, creating an experience that our listeners need and value. That's the secret sauce: shared values, a sense of belonging, an emotional connection. These are the building blocks of community. KJIV 89.1 fm, "The Fine 89" is nectar that will attract and engage.

The Open Sky Radio Network

KJIV 89.1 fm, "The Fine 89," is a division of Open Sky Radio (OSRN) network. OSRN owns four other broadcast properties in Nevada and northeastern California (Surprise Valley), all self-sustaining since their inception: KLAP - Gerlach NV, KDUP & KVYA-FM, TV 22 & 24, - Cedarville CA. (,,,

The board of directors of OSR are: Jeff Cotton, Sheila Cotton, Bruce Van Dyke and Joe McCarthy. Jeff, Sheila and Bruce are the founders.

Jeff Cotton in 1984 was dubbed by Barry "the Fish" Melton in a feature article in the Reno Gazette Journal as "The Bill Graham of Reno." Jeff has 40+ years of first-hand music promotion, music business skills and hard-earned managerial acumen. Since 1976, he was a touring sound engineer and worked for for Bill Graham's Fillmore Productions, and on the house crew of the Winterland Ballroom. Since meeting his wife Sheila in Reno in 1981, the two have produced more than 1,000 concerts in clubs, showrooms and amphitheaters in the Reno-Tahoe area. In 2008, he formed Open Sky Radio Corp with Sheila Cotton and Bruce Van Dyke.

Sheila Cotton has had a fascinating career in marketing and entreneurship: National Marketing Services Director for Hexcel Ski Co.; founder and still the owner of Zekes Candy Company, a successful company that for years sold specialty butterscotch candy to 900+ gourmet food stores nationwide; owner/operator of Rancho Nevada in Verdi, a renowned restuarant & music hall; Big Ed's Alley Inn on East 4th Street, a hip restuarant/club, The Surprise! Cafe, an espresso shop in Cedarvill CA, and The Station, a tapas bar and gathering places in Cedarville Ca.

Bruce Van Dyke is a lengendary radio personality, best known for developing, fighting for, and maintaining the KTHX, "The X," Reno's once- beloved alternative music station. Music lovers throughout Northern Nevada treasured this station for many years, the years that Bruce was actively involved. And Bruce is, in his spare time, the award-winning columnist "Notes from the Neon Babylon" penned weekly for our independent newspaper, the Reno News and Review.

Joe McCarthy was most recently Carson City's economic development and redevelopment director for 11 years. Prior to that - for close to a decade - he was the executive director of the Brewery Arts Center in Carson City, presenting hundreds of live performances in music, dance, theater, children's theater, contemporary visual arts and literary readings.

How are you helping?

Your contributions are packed with benefits that feed and strengthen us all. Our listener-supporters are our community glue. They help us build bridges across a wide spectrum of first-rate multi-platform media. They allow us to be the sound of tomorrow. The gifts they give KJIV 89.1 fm make our work possible, buying something tangible, a really good deal for good radio, something desperately missing today. Our listener-supporters' donations make our wonderful community a better place to live while spreading the word worldwide about Northern Nevada's unique arts and culture.

What we believe — our core values?

Radio should have personality and character, especially the music, news and information that goes out from KJIV.

  • "The Fine 89" must reflect and celebrate "the best that's in us."
  • We are witty but not comic, hip but not elitist.
  • We are involved in our community.
  • We are committed to our listener-supporters, first and foremost.
  • Our programming must be compelling original content, professionally produced and worthy of export.
  • We will lead the way in the evolution and revolution in noncommercial radio programming as it transitions to digital audio broadcasting.