KJIV 89.1 fm

Head Quarters:

Station Manager: Jeff Cotton - jc(at)thefine89(dot)com

Business Manager: Sheila Cotton - she(at)thefine89(dot)com

Volunteer know-it-all: Joe McCarthy - joe(at)thefine89(dot)com

On Air Hosts:

Bruce Van Dyke - bruce(at)thefine89(dot)com

Diane Michaels - diane(at)thefine89(dot)com

Tiny: tiny(at)thefine89(dot)com

Underwriting Magician:

Jerilyn Gann - jerilyn(at)thefine89(dot)com

KJIV's main line: 775-557-8891

Our Vision:  Introduce arts and culture radio from and for the High Sierra. 

Our Mission:  Present radio with personality and character by showcasing music and public affairs programming that is original content, professionally produced and worthy of export.  

Our Aspiration:  Lead the way in the evolution and revolution in non-commercial radio programming as it transitions to a hybrid of internet and terrestrial broadcasting.

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