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KJIV 89.1 fm, The Fine 89, asks for your direct support.  

  • We are proud to be a part of the vibrant Reno-Tahoe region, committed to innovative radio and public service.
  • We connect you to great music, ideas, people and programs. 
  • We love bringing this special radio station to you.
  • We're keen on keeping it lean, clean and free. 
  • We depend on the generous support of listeners like you.

It takes hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars per month to do so.   

Now is your chance to show how important The Fine 89 is to you. 

If you find great joy listening to:

  • Our legendary Bucketeers
  • Our unique programs
  • Local, hard-hitting reporting that address social and economic justice.

Please consider a modest donation, however much you can afford. 

Think about making it an automatic monthly gift of $10/mo - no more than the cost of Netflix or a gym membership. Or $5.00 per month - the cost of one latte and a plain bagel?

Donate Now  You're the reason why we're on the air 24/7.

Your generous tax-deductible donation will help us:

  • Expand our capacity to produce and deliver one-of-a-kind original programs
  • Acquire and maintain the digital infrastructure that will keep our expenses low and our programming top-flight
  • Experiment new ways to entertain, please and delight you

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If you would like a snail mail alternative: send a check made out to: Open Sky Radio, PO Box 181, Cedarville CA 96104  

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Our Vision:  Introduce arts and culture radio from and for the High Sierra. 

Our Mission:  Present radio with personality and character by showcasing music and public affairs programming that is original content, professionally produced and worthy of export.  

Our Aspiration: Lead the way in the evolution and revolution in noncommercial radio programming as it transitions to a hybrid of internet and terrestrial broadcasting.