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Bruce Van Dyke's Prince Retrospective on KJIV - Listen Anytime

dig if you will THIS picture......the latest in Fine 89 tributes to fallen superstars is done and loaded and ready to roll.  yes, it's of course the Prince Trib, and you can hear hthis 105 minute sonic on it and listen at your convenience, which is nice.

the format for this tribute--i used only 4 of prince's THIRTY NINE ALBUMS.  the guy was not just a genius, but a prolific one.  so to get this trib special on the air in a speedy fashion, i went with 4 of his greatest discs.....1999, Purple Rain, Around The World in a Day, and Sign O' The Times.  I fired up 19 songs from those 4 albums, and the result.....well, it sounds pretty freakin' great.  It will thoroughly remind you just how special a talent Prince truly was, and completely deserving of his status as legend, icon, and totally awesome mofo. yes, all the hits are in the mix....and a lot more.   as usual, it was a blast to produce and re-acquaint myself with another outstanding and impressive body of work!  we say farewell and good-bye in the best possible way.....with love, respect, admiration, and volume!  crank it up and let it rip......and i hope you enjoy it much and that it brings up all kinds of memories and emotions.  BVD


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