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Jeff Cotton's Larry Hosford Retrospective - Listen Anytime

Hi everybody in JiveRadioLand! This is your JiveRadio Guy Jeff Cotton and I've compiled a look back at the musical career of a relatively obscure but nonetheless great master craftsman of Americana music... Larry Hosford. 

Now, unless you listened to KFAT-FM out of Gilroy in the late '70's, or were around the Reno club scene in the early 80's, or spent time around Salinas, you might have missed ol' Hos'... or 'Lorenzo' as some of us knew him. Well, we've played all of his songs on all of our stations for years and we love him. 

Unfortunately for us, Dick Cheney outlived ol' Lorenzo... so check out JiveRadio's tribute to the inimitable songster Larry Hosford.  Only here on JiveRadio.


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