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How-to Download and Use the JiveRadio Mobile App

Having the new JiveRadio App on your phone will make things nice & simple.  You're but one click from romping about in the Schizoclectic musical pastures of Jive Land. Here's how you install these doodads on your gizmo.....

To download the JiveRadio app (apple).....

--if you have an iPhone/iPad, go to the apple app store.  

--search for jiveradio (no spaces!).

--download it.  it's free.  

--use it!  just click on it, plug in your phones/ear buds and enjoy.  

To download for google/android......

--go to the Google Play Store

--search for jiveradio (no spaces!)

--download it.  it's free.  

--use it!  just click on it, plug in your phones/buds and enjoy.  

Windows app is coming soon.  

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