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Bryan Bowers - Autoharp Virtuoso, Friday, April 14th, 7:00 pm at the Brewery Arts Center

 Join us at the Brewery Arts Center, Friday, April 14th at 7:00 pm, in the MHJ Black Box Theater for an intimate musical experience with the man who re-defined the autoharp.

Bryan Bowers is to the autoharp what Earl Scruggs was to the five-string banjo. Be sure to reserve your tickets early; Bryan Bowers tends to sell out.  

This concert is a benefit for the Brewery Arts Center. 

Click here to purchase tickets in advance.

Bryan has played for coins in a hat as a street singer, and in dingy bars.  He’s played with The Dillards, Sam Bush, Curtis Burch, and Courtney Johnson of the ground-breaking New Grass Revival.

His remarkable autoharp virtuosity won him induction into Frets Magazine's First Gallery of the Greats, after five years of winning the stringed instrument open category of the magazine’s readers' poll. This distinction put Bowers alongside other luminaries, such as Chet Atkins,

David Grisman, Stephan Grappelli, Itzhak Perlman, Tony Rice, Rob Wasserman and Mark O'Connor, all recognized for their personal accomplishments.

In 1993, Bryan was the first living member inducted into the Autoharp Hall of Fame.  He stands with Maybelle Carter, Kilby Snow, and Sara Carter.

In 2006, Bryan’s landmark recording, Bristlecone Pine, included Bryan’s friends: Tim O’Brien, Sam Bush, Mark Howard, Alan O’Bryant, Pat Enright, Dennis Crouch and Stuart Duncan.

A feature story on Bryan in the Feb/March 2007 issue of Dirty Linen stated, “Like the venerable pine of the title track, autoharp virtuoso Bryan Bowers’ vocal style and instrumental prowess have grown in depth and genius over the listen to this recording is to experience all the colors and emotions of a lifetime.”


  • "Bowers is widely regarded as the leading virtuoso on the autoharp... Bowers also has distinct gifts as a singer and songwriter. -PEOPLE MAGAZINE

  • "A brilliant, innovative autoharpist & powerful songwriter-the festival's single most powerful

  • performance." -THE BOSTON GLOBE

  • "Bryan Bowers is to the Autoharp what Bjorn Borg is to tennis balls or Henny Youngman is to one-liners - he is just about the best there is at it." -THE GLOBE AND MAIL

  • "He is considered one of America's foremost virtuosos on the Autoharp." -THE WASHINGTON POST

  • "...When he picks up the instrument, the entire room changes...a very magical world, a music never heard before." -THE CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

  • "A more than interesting and very unique performer." -THE VILLAGE VOICE

  • "...This man makes more music from an Autoharp than you can imagine from a 12 string guitar and a harpsichord combined. He has more stage presence and charisma than any stage performer in recent memory." -THE WASHINGTON TIMES

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