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Bruce Van Dyke's Tribute to Chuck Berry - Listen Anytime

 Ok, fokes, you knew it had to get done, and the Jive Radio Trib to Chuck Berry is now ready to reel and rock.  so check it on out and let your bones and brain remember where so much of this stuff came from!  an 84 minute ride in a big coffee-colored cadillac with Maybellene, Nadine, Carol, Queenie, and Johnny B. Goode through the Promised Land.......but really, with No Particular Place To Go! 

you'll hear 16 utterly essential songs from the Church O' Chuck.....and some lively covers of Chuck Classics provided by The Dead, The Stones, The Beatles, and Phish, just to pay proper respectfulness and all.  a show that can't help but drip with timeless rock n roll HISTORY.....and yet, still sounds pretty damn good right freakin now! 

Hear it right here whenever you like, with but a click.

so here's your chance to relive the great songs of Chuck Berry.....hope you take it, make it, and shake it!  


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