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Bruce Van Dyke's Tribute to Walter Becker - Listen Anytime

 it was just last week.....9-3-17.....that walter becker, the bassist, guitarist and half of the songwriting team for Steely Dan, moseyed on down the line.  i've spent the last week listening to their albums, and good gawd what a band.  their 7 album run, from CANT BUY A THRILL in '72 to GAUCHO in '80 is simply superb.  what a thrilling and remarkable legacy.  and jesus, i don't want to forget their AMAZING return album....Two Against Nature, which they put out 20 years after Gaucho, and it won the grammy for Album of the Year.  as well it should have. i spent last night listening to it....under properly approved conditions, of course.... you know, how the cuervo gold and the fine colombian make tonight a wonderful thing, right? what a terrific album! TAN was nothing less than a revelation. 20 years later, and they popped out an album that's every bit as good as The Royal Scam and Gaucho.  

anyway, the point here is that the Tribute show to Walter Becker and Steely Dan is quite simply a slam dunk can't miss.  GOD DAMN THIS WAS ONE GREAT GREAT BAND!

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